Why Regular Teeth Cleanings Are Important

Regular teeth cleanings from your dentist in Lynwood, WA, can save your smile

Did you know that brushing and flossing alone aren’t enough to save your smile? Regular brushing and flossing are indeed vital to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile, but you also need to see your dentist and dental hygienist regularly to help you maintain your perfect smile. Regular teeth cleanings are an important part of taking great care of your smile.

Dr. Mark Janczakowski at Dental Care Design in Lynwood, WA, offers a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services, including professional dental cleanings to save your smile.

Regular professional dental cleanings provide an extra layer of protection against gum and periodontal disease. That’s because your dental care provider is highly skilled at removing hard and soft deposits and bacteria that can cause disease.

During your professional dental cleaning appointment, your dental care provider will:

  • Examine your gums and look for signs of disease, including monitoring any areas of bleeding, abnormal tissue, or deep pockets around your teeth.
  • Check your x-rays for evidence of disease including bone loss around your teeth.
  • Remove hard deposits, known as calculus or tartar, using hand and ultrasonic instruments.
  • Remove soft deposits, known as plaque, and stains, using a handpiece to polish your teeth to a brilliant shine.

One of the most important parts of your regular dental cleaning appointment is learning all of the latest tools, tricks, and techniques to practice great oral care at home, between appointments. It’s also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you have about dental issues and services.

Regular dental cleaning appointments can make a difference in you enjoying a healthy smile for life. To find out more about why you need regular dental cleanings and how they can save your smile, call Dr. Mark Janczakowski of Dental Care Design in Lynwood, WA, at (425) 771-9090. Call now!

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  • "I recently experienced major dental trauma and was feeling alone, scared, and embarrassed. Rianna, Dr. J., and the entire DCD Team took amazing care of me and answered all of my questions and helped me get through a very tough time. Their work is very professional and precise and I would recommend DCD to anyone."
    Andrea L.
  • "Dental Care Design is fantastic! Very professional with a great sense of humor! I have been a client for many years and I am always impressed with how the staff treats me and my family. They genuinely care for their clients and it shows! I will be a lifetime client!!"
    Kathy E.
  • "I would like to thank Dr. J. and his wonderful staff for their warmth and quality of care. The staff exudes friendliness while maintaining a refreshing ambiance of professionalism."
    Ashlei A.
  • "I have been a very satisfied patient at Dental Care Design for ten years. Over the years, DCD has provided me with a wide range of dental services, including cleaning, crowns, fillings, and veneers. Along with my total satisfaction with their work, I have also been impressed with their professional attention to my personal needs and comfort during each visit."
    Pam E.
  • "Visiting your office has been the best dental experience ever. You have looked after our best interests and the experience has always been so painless. I feel 100% comfortable with my kids having their work done there as well. I know my family and I are in good hands and can’t thank you enough."
    April L.
  • "I recently had some rather extensive dental work done at Dental Care Design. Dr. Janczakowski and his team did a great job, and I was very happy and pleased with the results."
    Sybil R.
  • "I moved to Washington 2 years ago, at that time I was able to locate Dental Care Design and become established as a patient. Since that time Dr. J and his staff have demonstrated that they are knowledgable, practical, and effective. The Dental Care Design Team discusses recommended solutions to me for my dental issues and allows me to select the option most appropriate for my needs. Now that my teeth have been successfully restored I can focus on family, work, and leisure."
    Joe P.